Beyerdynamic TG-X 930

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    Beyerdynamic TG-X 930. Perfette condizioni estetico funzionali. Cardioid Condenser Handheld Vocal Microphone - Black Using the capsule of the MC 930 true condenser microphone as a basis, beyerdynamic developed a first-class vocal microphone with the TG-X 930. Due to the typically small pick-up distance with vocal microphones, the proximity effect of the cardioid capsule was compensated to achieve absolutely neutral transmission of even the subtlest vocal nuances. A slight treble boost ensures an open and detailed sound without ever being obtrusive. The stainless steel basket with multilayer gauze and additional inner basket, already used in the interchangeable microphone capsules of the Opus 900 wireless series, provides excellent protection against pop sounds. It is not only easy to clean, but also significantly improves rear-attenuation and hence feedback suppression. The maximum sound pressure level is 150 dB SPL. Thanks to a low internal noise level the TG-X 930 offers an extremely high dynamic range. Through the internal structure of the transducer system the microphone is largely insensitive to the moisture problem encountered with vocal mics. The turned brass housing of the TG-X 930 comes in either matte black or a satin nickel finish to suit the given stage situation. About the TG-X microphone series: Based on our decades of experience in microphone technology, every TourGroup microphone is capable of picking up signals with absolute precision and reproducing them accurately, even in the most adverse of conditions. The TourGroup series meets the demands of the stage: power, robustness, highest feedback rejection and uncoloured and true reproduction. With the TG-X microphones there is no need to worry about distortion or feedback, even at very high volumes. The robust mechanical construction of the TG-X microphones allows them to survive the strain on stage unscathed. TG-X microphones are synonymous with excellent live performances.
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