Roland VG-88 V-Guitar System + GK-2A (spedizione gratuita)


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Roland VG-88 V-Guitar System + GK-2A. Ottime condizioni.


  • Self-contained guitar processing/modeling system which recreates a wide variety of guitar, pickup, amp, speaker cabinet and microphone sounds using a standard electric guitar equipped with GK-2A or compatible pickup (sold separately)
  • GK-Ready 13-pin input plus 1/4″ guitar input for direct access to amp/speaker modeling sections
  • Hollow-body and acoustic guitar models including new nylon string guitar
  • Extremely natural tube amp models and overdriven sounds
  • HRM (Harmonic Restructure Modeling) creates synth-type sounds—including new brass sounds—with natural playing nuances and without delay
  • Combination guitar output/GK pickup output for completely new types of sounds
  • Polyphonic Intelligent Pitch Shifter for instant open tunings, 12-string guitars, bass guitar, string-assignable octave, slow gear, and more
  • Effects include reverb, chorus, hexa-pan, delay, flanger and parametric EQ
  • Extremely intuitive operation w/ helpful operational graphics and icons
  • Onboard expression pedal for realtime parameter control
  • Output Select switch for connection to conventional guitar amps or power amps
  • Offers 200 Preset and 100 User Patches, including newly-developed factory Patches
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    • Roland VG-88 V-Guitar System + GK-2A (spedizione gratuita)
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