Rocktron Replifex – Guitar Effects Processor (spedizioni inclusa)



Rocktron Replifex – Guitar Effects Processor. Buone condizioni estetiche perfette funzionali.


Preset Spillover allows for reverb and delays from a current preset to carry over into the next preset and continue decaying when a new preset has been selected. • Dual Channel Switching allows for programmable channel switching of amp heads, combo amps or preamps and eliminates the need for a separate channel switching device. • Real Time Control of delay times and modulation rates through tap tempo and rate parameters. Delay times and modulation rates can be changed instantly by tapping either a momentary footswitch or the front panel Tap Delay/Rate parameter. • High quality digital effects include chorus, delay, auto pan, tremolo, rotating speaker, pitch shift, flanger, reverb and phaser effects. • HUSH® noise reduction operates only on incoming preamp noise, and does not affect the digital effects
which are already ultra quiet. • Also provides compression, a four band full parameteric EQ and complete mixing capabilities.

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    • Rocktron Replifex - Guitar Effects Processor (spedizioni inclusa)
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