Ashdown 427 Small Block

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    Ashdown 427 Small Block. Perfette condizioni estetico funzionali.  
    Power output: 427 watts
    Power Requirement: 230/115/11V
    Speaker Outputs: Speakon/Jack
    Frequency Response: -3dB at 35Hz - 14Khz
    High Instrument Imput: Impedance 1m 0hms, imput range 25mV - 6V p-p
    Low Instrument Imput: Impedance 100K Ohms, input range 25mV - 6V p-p DI
    Output: 600 Ohms balanced, level OdBu niminal Output
    Impedance: 2 Ohm
    EQ: -3dB at 35Hz and 14 kHz
    Effect: Send Return
    Pre-Amp Tubes: 1 x ECC83 1 x ECC82
    Output Tubes: 8x KT88
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